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Department of Otolaryngology Health-Related Library

Patients Scheduled For Vestibular Testing (ENG)

This is a test of balance function. As done at the University, several separate parts may be performed. All are very simple and not unpleasant. The balance systems of the ear and the brain are evaluated by recording eye movements in response to changes in head position, viewing moving objects, motion of the body, or thermal stimuli (warm or cold) applied to the ear canal. Recording electrodes, which are placed with tape on the face, are used to measure these movements. Recordings are made in the light and the dark with the eyes open. A more detailed explanation will be given during each portion of the test.

Patient's Responsibility

  1. Please come at your scheduled time if you are an outpatient. If you are an inpatient, you will be called from the station.
  2. Try to get a full night's sleep before the test.
  3. No alcohol for 48 hours before the test.
  4. Please try not to take any medications which are not necessary to your long-term and immediate health. Note: any heart, blood pressure, or blood thinning medications are obviously necessary and should be taken as usual. Medications of particular interest in this test that we would like you not to take for 48 hours prior to the test include:
  5. Breakfast of toast and coffee only, or an equally light meal at least four hours before the test.
  6. Please wear slacks for this test.