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Predrag M. Maksimović
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Primary School 'Aleksa Santić', Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Nada Petrović and Predrag Maksimović.

Peta Beogradska Gimnazija.

Peta Beogradska Gimnazija.

Prof Dr Aleksa Piscević and Predrag Maksimović.

Prof Dr Cvetković and Predrag Maksimović.

Marko and Slobodan Krajinović.

Marko and Slobodan Krajinović.

Marko and Slobodan Krajinović - again.

Marko and Slobodan Krajinović.

Daska (wooden board) for Measuring Height and Slobodan Krajinović.

Marko Krajinović (sleeping and dreaming about beautiful girls).

Various Assorted Children.

Our Elusive Friend - Borislav Bora Lorenc.

Was it a serious school or what!!!

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