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Various Interesting Otolaryngology Files

Norman J. Harris: Streamlined Office Otolaryngology PDF
Christopher C. Rachanis: Oral Manifestations of HIV Infection. SA J HIV Med, Aug 2001:27-31. PDF
Joanna M. Zakrzewska: Oral Cancer. Fortnightly Review. BMJ. PDF
G. N. Shuttleworth, D. B. David, M. J. Pots, C. N. Bell, P. G. Guest:
Orbital Trauma: do not blow your nose. Lesson of the week. BMJ. PDF
George Dimitroulis: Temporomandibular disorders: a clinical update.
Fortnightly Review. BMJ. PDF
Shakeel R. Saeed: Diagnosis and treatment of Meniere's disease.
Fortnightly Review. BMJ. PDF
A. B. Kay: Good allergy practice.
ABC of allergies. BMJ. PDF
Monica Ausejo et al: The effectiveness of glucocorticoids in treating croup:
meta-analysis. BMJ. PDF
Paddy O'Neill: Acute otitis media.
Clinical evidence. BMJ. PDF and TXT
Acoustic Neuroma. HTM
Mary Talley Dorn: Tonsillitis, Tonsillectomy, and Adenoidectomy.
Grand Rounds. University of Texas. Editor: F. B. Quinn. TXT
Assessment of Percentage Disability Arising From Hearing Loss.
WCIF Handbook. PDF and WPD
Alex J. Correa, Brian B. Burkey: Current Concepts in Management of Head and Neck Cancer Patients. Medical Clinics of North America. DOC and TXT
Cochlear Mechanics. HTM
Venu Divi, Anna Pou: Treatment of Unilateral Adductor Vocal Cord Paralysis. DOC and slides. PDF
Dizziness. HTM
Dipak Chandy: Near-Drowning. TXT
Janet A Wilson, Ian J Deary, Shonagh Scott, Kenneth MacKenzie:
Functional Dysphonia: Not "hysterical" but still seen mainly in women. TXT
Arlen D. Meyers: Invitation to participate in The Virtual Textbook of FPS. DOC
James A. Pfaff, Gregory P. Moore: Pearls, Pitfalls, and Updates in EENT.
Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America. DOC and TXT
End Results on Various Neck Dissections. DOC
Inferior Turbinectomy. DOC
Charles W. Vaughan: Vocal Cord Carcinoma. Comments. OTOHNS List. TXT
M. J. Mehlman: Should Providers Be Liable for Prolongation of Life? TXT
Stephen Kleid: Emergency Management of Maxillo-Facial Trauma. DOC
Meniere's disease. HTM
Preoperative Information on Parotid Surgery. HTM
Edward Buckingham, Karen H. Calhoun: Special Considerations in Rhinoplasty. DOC and slides
Serous Otitis Media. HTM
Steve Salvatore: Fungus causes most chronic sinusitis, researchers say. TXT
Deborah P. Wilson: Subglottic Stenosis.
Grand Rounds. University of Texas. Editor: FB Quinn. TXT
Elizabeth J. Rosen, Anna M. Pou: Supraglottic Laryngectomy.
Grand Rounds. University of Texas. Editor: FB Quinn. DOC and slides PDF
Swimmer's Ear and Itchy Ears. HTM
Steven Dankle: Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. TXT
Erez Bendet: Pulsatile Tinnitus. TXT
Instructions for a Tonsillectomy and/or Adenoidectomy. HTM
Tracheotomy - OP Notes. TXT
Chris Pearson: Caloric Test (comment). TXT
Herman Hamersma: "I have not done a caloric test for years!!!" TXT
Vestibular Testing (ENG). HTM
Vincent B. Ziccardi, André Montazem, Ronald E. Schneider, Daniel Buchbinder:
Contemporary Management of Condylar Fractures in Adults. HTM
Zinc Lozenge Study. HTM
Other Zinc Lozenges. HTM
Fraction of Zinc Available. HTM